Gift Wrapping & Messaging

Gift Wrapping


Do you offer gift wrapping?
We offer gift wrapping at our US Teabloom Amazon Store, at our Teabloom Canada Amazon Store and at our Amazon Stores in Europe: Teabloom UKTeabloom DE,  Teabloom ITTeabloom FRTeabloom ES We do not currently offer gift wrapping on this website, but we do offer several gift boxed products. Our gift boxes are as elegant as any gift solution on the market. Please explore our selection.


Can I ship one order to multiple locations?
Yes. If you are looking to send Teabloom products to two or more addresses from the website, add products to your shopping cart, then click on the purple cart button on the top right of the page, and then below the green button 'proceed to checkout' you will find a link named 'Shipping to two or more addresses? Login & Checkout Here', just click it, login to your account and add as many shipping addresses as you wish and then use the simple drop down tool to assign each one to the product you wish to send.  It's quick and easy.

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