Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL
Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL

Princess of Monaco Teapot Set - 34 oz / 1000 mL

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Teabloom's Princess of Monaco Teapot Set brings to mind the grand style that is known throughout Europe, especially the tiny city-state from which the tea set gets its name. In Monaco, you can expect to see grand hotels, a Grand Prix race and a grand casino with all the flourishes and pomp and circumstance. This gorgeous blue flower porcelain teapot is just as grand from its lid to its teapot warmer. Even the infuser is made with the same grand blue flower design. The handle of the Princess of Monaco Tea Set also is made from porcelain. If you want to feel you are living that grand style of Monaco, this tea set is meant for you. 

This 34 oz. tea set consists of a beautiful crystal clear teapot made from borosilicate glass and a porcelain lid. It comes with a porcelain infuser for loose leaf teas. The warmer also is made of porcelain. With this tea set, you will receive two blooming teas (each capable of making two to three pots of delicious flowering tea). 

Handwash only.  Do not microwave.

Place tea flower pod in the bottom of the teapot. Pour hot water inside teapot.  Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes as the tea flower blooms.  Stir tea gently, pour into cup and enjoy.  Tea flowers may be stored for additional brewing in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours (remove water).

Place infuser into teapot.  Add desired amount of tea into the infuser. Pour hot water, cover with lid and wait a few minutes.  Pour into cup and enjoy.


Inspired by the grand hotels and luxury inns found in Europe, the Princess of Monaco Teapot Set will let you live your little bit of luxury without having to travel to Europe to do it. You can bring the luxury into your home with the teapot set that holds up to 34 ounces of brewed tea. This grand tea set allows you to see the flowering tea to bloom while you watch through the crystal clear and lead-free borosilicate glass. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures and is highly durable. With you own grand-style teapot, you will be able to enjoy your luxury for years. The porcelain lid is easy to remove and the spout allows you to pour with grace and luxury. The spout includes a removable tea strainer so you never have to worry about anything but pure filtered tea filling your cup. And you'll be reminded to enjoy the luxury and style when you sip a perfectly brewed cup of tea. The tea set has a porcelain handle with an anti-slip design to ensure you have the easiest pouring ability without eliminating luxury. Teabloom's flowering tea balls provide delicious flavor and beautiful blooms unfurling before your eyes. Each Princess of Monaco Tea Set includes two individually sealed tea flowers and each bloom can produce two to three pots of tea for your enjoyment. Then, sit back and visualize your luxury vacation in a grand hotel in Monaco.


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