The Explorer Double Wall Insulated Glass Travel Tumbler 14 oz / 400 ml

The Explorer Double Wall Insulated Glass Travel Tumbler 14 oz / 400 ml

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Take on the disposable cup culture with Teabloom’s exclusive, sustainable All-Beverage Flask. Using this beautifully-made and extremely versatile travel bottle every day instead of a disposable cup saves up to 23 lbs of trash every year and 88 lbs of C02 emissions. That’s a lot of love for Mother Earth! No need to keep all those single-purpose travel mugs cluttering up your cupboard. This is your go-to hot or cold tea tumbler, insulated coffee thermos, sports water bottle, and infused water flask all in one. No matter where you go or what the season, Teabloom’s All-Beverage Flask finally does it all.

• Reusable and sustainable, made of BPA-free, earth-friendly materials. No toxic products - just pure, functional, premium-quality design.

• Each model features an innovative, two-way stainless steel filter that lets you custom-brew tea or cold-brew coffee, strain fruit-infused water, and more.

• Hot stays hot, cold stays cold, and you stay happy and healthy.

• Slimline design fits into most cupholders and bags.

• Beautifully packaged for thoughtful gift-giving.


There are few things in life as refreshing as an ice-cold drink of water when you're dehydrated. But The Explorer Travel Bottle, with enclosed infuser, provides a better alternative than water bottles. Why drink plain water when you can infuse it with fresh fruit or herbs? It even converts to become a personal tea or coffee maker. The Explorer Travel Bottle's multi-functional use is possible because of its unique design. It is made from borosilicate heat-resistant glass which can withstand boiling water for tea or coffee infusion. You can even put ice cubes in the tumbler and make your own fresh brewed Iced Coffee. For cold water infusion, simply put small chunks of fruit, tea leaves or herbs into the infuser, screw the infuser into the bottle's base, pour fresh water through the top's opening and screw the lid back on. That's it. The fruit, or tea-filled infuser will continue to deliver flavor to your water, no matter how many times you refill it throughout the day. There is no waste and you'll stay re-hydrated from healthy, all-natural ingredients. It's a better choice than sugary sodas and expensive store-bought preservative-filled fruit drinks or flavored waters. It saves you money, is great for the environment, and the stylish design makes it a perfect accessory no matter where you're going. Each 14 oz. Explorer Travel Bottle comes with a black neoprene insulating protective sleeve. The double-walled glass bottle is lead-free, BPA-free, easy to clean, and comes with a one year warranty. So if you are looking for a tumbler, a tea travel infuser, a cold-brew personal coffee maker, a fruit water infuser or a sports Bottle-look no further. Because the Brew Plus Travel Bottle does it all! The Brew Plus Travel Bottle is the perfect gift for any tea connoisseur, coffee lover, water drinker, sports enthusiast or gym-member.


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