12 Natural Jasmine Blooming Teas
12 Natural Jasmine Blooming Teas 12 Natural Jasmine Flowering Teas Individually Wrapped to Preserve Freshness 12 Natural Jasmine Flowering Teas 12 Natural Jasmine Blooming Teas Jasmine Flowering Tea Brewing Instructions

12 Jasmine Flowering Teas with Gift Canister


Quick Overview

Have a marvelous tea experience over 250 times with Teabloom's Flowering Green Tea Variety Pack. Each canister contains 12 delicious tea flowers made of Grade AA green tea leaves which have been carefully selected by Tea artisans. Each hand-sewn tea bloom has been blended with exquisite edible flowers and jasmine to give you the ultimate tea-drinking experience.

Each tea gift canister includes 12 jasmine flowering tea blooms in six different varieties- Jasmine Lover, Floral Passion, Eternal Love, Fairy Lily, Sunset Love and Rising Spring.

Place one blooming tea ball in a durable glass teapot or mug. Cover with boiling water (about 4 inches). Let it steep until the tea ball begins to unfurl and the tea flower opens (usually 5 to 10 minutes). Watch and enjoy as the tea bloom unfurls, blossoming into one of six different varieties of edible flowers.  Each tea flower can be steeped up to 3 times, providing up to 250 cups of deliciously brewed green tea per canister. Tea Flowers may be stored for additional brewing in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours (remove water prior to storage).


As soon as you open the beautiful gift canister of Teabloom's Flowering Green Tea Variety Pack, you'll realize this isn't your grandmother's tea anymore. Teabloom's Flowering Green teas provide more than a delicious cup of tea. They deliver an extravaganza. And lest you think we're over exaggerating, look at what you get when you simply add hot water. Gorgeous petals will burst into remarkable colorful flowers creating stunning visual artwork displays before your very eyes. Teabloom's artisans painstakingly combine freshly-picked green tea leaves from high-elevation gardens together with edible flowers, resulting in exquisite designs and flavors. This blend is then carefully sealed in foil to preserve its freshness until you're ready to drink. When you place the blooming green tea ball into a teapot, preferably a crystal clear glass one that enables you 360° views, you'll witness a marvelous flower unfurling it's petals before your very eyes. This gift canister contains 12 jasmine infused green tea flowers. The Teabloom canister depicts the beautiful flowers you'll see unfurl. Witness Jasmine Lover, Floral Passion, Eternal Love, Fairy Lily, Sunset Love and Rising Spring. With names like that, you know you're in for a treat! Each canister can essentially make up to 250 cups of delicious healthy green tea. It's easy to make. Simply place the tea ball into a glass teapot, pour boiling water over it, and steep until the leaves have fully opened- about 5 to 10 minutes. Swirl the tea to distribute the flavor and enjoy. Each tea ball can be steeped 3 times for delicious tasting tea. Green tea is without question the healthiest beverage on the planet because it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. There are confirmed health benefits attributed to drinking green tea which cover everything from improving brain function, to fat-burning to improved dental health. And Teabloom's canister of 12 Green Tea Flowers are made from the finest tea leaves enabling you to drink the best of the best. Order some for you and a friend today and start turning your tea times into timeless experiences.


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