Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL
Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL

Buckingham Palace Teapot Set - 40 oz / 1200 mL

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Quick Overview

Teabloom's Buckingham Palace Teapot Set is meant to inspire hosts to hold the type of elegant parties that existed in Buckingham's history. Like Queen Elizabeth II or Queen Victoria, homeowners will be able to show class and elegance when they use the Buckingham Palace Tea Set in their parties. Guests can watch the flowering tea brew right through the transparent glass. The tea set will charm your guests with its elegant pattern set in rose gold while you serve up to 40 ounces of tea. The tea set comes with a teapot warmer, porcelain lid and handle, and a stainless steel infuser. You will be the perfect host with your Buckingham Palace Tea Set.

This 40 oz. tea set consists of a beautiful crystal clear teapot made from borosilicate glass and a porcelain lid. It comes with a porcelain infuser for loose leaf teas and a teapot warmer in the same rose gold design. The teapot warmer also is made of porcelain. With this tea set, you will receive two blooming teas. Each capable of making two to three pots of delicious flowering tea.

Handwash only.  Do not microwave.

Place tea flower pod in the bottom of the teapot. Pour hot water inside teapot.  Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes as the tea flower blooms.  Stir tea gently, pour into cup and enjoy.  Tea flowers may be stored for additional brewing in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours (remove water).

Place infuser into teapot.  Add desired amount of tea into the porcelain infuser. Pour hot water, cover with lid and wait a few minutes.  Pour into cup and enjoy.


The Buckingham Palace Tea Set is designed for those who love to host elegant and stately parties. The Buckingham Palace started out as the private residence of the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. It was acquired by King George as a house for his daughter and then it became known as the Queen's House. Today, it is the place for the queen and her administrative staff. In those glory days since its inception, Buckingham Palace was used for great and elegant parties. You can bring back those days with your own slice of the royal look. Each pot holds up to 40 ounces, which can provide tea to many guests. The spout is curved to allow for easy pouring. As a host, you wouldn't want to spill the tea or be clumsy when pouring. This tea set ensures that you are full of grace and elegance as were hostesses in the glory days of the palace. The rose gold design of the tea set reminds the user that opulence was the main ingredient for royal parties and will have your guests talking about your tea set and your hostess abilities for ages to come. The borosilicate glass that makes up the teapot allows your guests to see the flowering tea as it blooms. The teapot has a porcelain handle that is designed for easy but elegant pouring. Teabloom's flowering tea balls provide delicious flavor and beautiful blooms unfurling before your eyes. Each Buckingham Palace Tea Set includes two individually sealed tea flowers and each bloom can produce two to three pots of tea for your enjoyment. It is truly the perfect tea set for those elegant parties in your own palace.


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