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Flowering teas are a combination of edible flowers and green or black tea leaves that have been formed into a bulb. The tea leaves and flowers are dried and shaped into balls and then sealed for freshness. To  rejuvenate them, simply place the ball in boiling water. The leaves unfurl and reveal the floral petals within causing it to look like a blooming flower. The tea leaves steep the water delivering a wonderful aroma and a flavor unparallel with traditional tea bags.

While all of this is very pretty, especially when viewed in a glass tea mug or teapot, the health benefits coupled with the delicious taste is why flowering teas are the latest rage in the health-food industry.

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants. Green tea leaves contain flavonoids and catechins which  have been scientifically proven to protect human cells from diseases and provide anti-aging qualities.

Other popular properties found in green tea are theanine which reduces stress, improves mood and can have a relaxing effect on the brain.

Add those in with the wonderful medicinal properties many flowers contain and you'll see why more and more people are buying Flowering teas for more than the taste.

See our article on Edible Flowers for making Blooming Teaballs to find out many more benefits.

Here are a few examples of how blooming tea balls with edible flowers can help you. Some popular blooming tea flavors are Jasmine, Lavender, Lily, Marigold, and Chrysanthemum.

Jasmine helps prevent bad breath which is reason enough to drink, but it also helps regulate blood pressure.  Lilies are great for helping you get a good night's sleep while adding moisture to the lungs and soothing nerves. Roses are great for your skin and blood circulation. Chinensis and Yellow Chrysanthemums eliminate toxins.

Add those holistic abilities to Green Tea, which contains strong antioxidants, and it's easy to understand how cells and their DNA are protected better from damage that can lead to cancer.

Flowering Tea balls aid in supporting cancer prevention and it's all healthy, prescription-free and tasty!

There are so many benefits to drinking Blooming Tea that everyone should make it a daily habit.

Do you ever get the sniffles? Are you suffering from a chest cold? Drink a flowering tea that contains Globe Amaranth. These flowers are good for treating coughs and getting rid of phlegm. 

Are you still wondering if drinking flowering tea is a good idea? Look in the mirror and tell yourself "Yes!" And if you're drinking blooming tea made with Marigolds, you should notice an improvement in your reflection as those pretty flowers are great for bringing a natural glow to your skin. If your tea contains chrysanthemums, it helps with acne.

But don't just focus on how great you look. Focus on how smart you are becoming too. Drinking Blooming Tea has been shown to boost brain function. Studies report Flowering Tea drinkers experience better cognitive and motor skills. It helps you focus more clearly, be more alert and helps prevent neurological disorders associated with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Even your joints and muscles will appreciate you drinking Flowering Tea because of the anti-inflammatory properties you'll be ingesting with each sip. High concentrations of polyphenols in food and drink intake has been shown to discourage the development of arthritis by up to 50%. What over the counter medicine has promises like that? Blooming tea's anti-inflammatory properties will help you move around without joint pain as you age... so drink up!

One last point. Flowering Tea is a great diuretic and detoxifier. Because the antioxidants in tea target both the liver and the kidneys, cleaning out the blood of toxins and removing them from your body helps your body not only fight infection but also lose weight. Green tea contains much less caffeine than a cup of coffee ( about 24-40 mg compared to 100-200 mg in coffee) but it is still enough to have a mild stimulus effect which has been shown to aid fat-burning and improve exercise performance. The most important antioxidant in green tea is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) a substance known for boosting metabolism.

So, if all these great facts about the benefits of Blooming Tea still haven't convinced you to add it to your day- try it for another reason.

Simply for the taste.

It's delicious!

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